lunedì 13 ottobre 2008


Ho appena scoperto il sito Nigel's eco-store su cui si trovano un sacco di gadget eco-friendly tra cui radiator booster, computer ecobutton, ecoballs per lavare senza detersivo, numerosi standby savers, etc.

Ci sono anche alcune schede tra cui questi 5 semplici consigli per risparmiare riscaldamento in casa. Visto che sta arrivando l'inverno, sta finendo il petrolio e anche i soldi ...

  1. The psychic in me says that right now you’re sitting in front of the computer. Uncanny, eh? Sitting still is the worst way to keep warm. Clean the top of the kitchen units. Crush some cans. Go for a walk. You'll soon find yourself feeling warmer. (Mind you, I should talk…)
  2. Insist a friend moves in with you. Tell her (or him) it’s vital to do so for the environment’s sake. A person’s body gives off enough heat in 30 minutes to bring half a gallon of water to a boil, so cuddle up to keep warm!
  3. Ditch the New Year diet. It’s not working so tell your friends that it’s scientifically proven that a layer of natural insulation is no bad thing.
  4. Insulate. Draught proof. Use a Radiator Booster. It'll save you money on heating bills and save energy. Personally, I balk at the phrase DIY [Do It Yourself, in italiano "faidate"], but most of it involves sticky back plastic, so even I can cope.
  5. Wear clothes. Only in the Big Brother house do people go around in t-shirts in the middle of winter. There’s nothing to be ashamed about wearing a woolly jumper indoors - so put on your chunkiest, and keep the thermostat down!

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  1. Ho visto comparire questo post sui feed di Reader per poi volatilizzarsi.
    Stavo per vampirizzartelo io.
    Voto per la 3!


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