lunedì 24 novembre 2008

Don't give up

Ricevo e pubblico (su richiesta):
It is about time to stop relying on politics for us to solve any problem and believing that good and bad both depend on who rule the world. It won’t be politics nor its players who save us from troubles and evil. This is a dangerous trend that is well illustrated by the expectations of Obama’s salvation from everything. We need to start a new ”liberal” revolution that strongly rejects the invasiveness of politics into our lives and acknowledges that only setting any individual free of creating, risking and taking their own responsibilities instead of waiting for an improbable salvation, will benefit a society. The best task for politics is not to give us happiness, but let us freely pursuing our personal way to happiness…..

That is why as long as people, specially youngsters, demand to receive everything for free, without taking chances and want to have a fixed job for life no matter what they get, not only our society will not progress but those kids, who now passively believe that a planned and safe life make them happy forever, will find themselves sooner or later old and frustrated…

Therefore, up people! Let us dream, let us play, let us create, let us take chances…

Needless to say, I fully agree with Pigna about his “multiambitious” approach to life..

Pigna, please, never give up your choices and dreams…..


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